Best Campfire Cooking Tools

This is our review of the best campfire camping tools in 2023

Cooking on a campfire can hurt you. So, having great quality products will help to prevent it.

Having a low-quality product can become a cause of damaging you. Always try to have a nice quality product yourself.

I’m a camping expert who researched about best campfire camping tools to help you find the best product for your campfire.

And I found that the followings are the best:

Fire Starter: Melt Candle Company Fire Starter

Metal Tong: Grill Tongs 17 Inch Extra Long Kitchen Tongs

Spatula Spoon: MIU Fish Spatula Stainless Steel

Heat Resistant Glove: GEEKHOM BBQ Gloves

Cast Iron Pan: Lodge Cast Iron Skillet with Red Silicone Hot Handle Holder

Pot: MyLifeUNIT Camping Pot Cookware

Camping Grill Grate: REDCAMP Folding Campfire Grill

But every product has its function. Every product is the best in its way.

Keep reading to find out!

Table of Content

Fire Starters

Melt Candle Company Fire Starter

  • Key Features: Burn when wet, Odorless & mess free
  • Burning Time: 10 minutes
  • Product Dimensions: 9.61 x 7.24 x 2.44 inches
  • Material: Sawdust and Wax
  • Ability: Waterproof
  • Difficulty: Easy to use

Melt Candle Fire Starter is made up of Sawdust and Wax. It is easy and safe to use because it’s made up of wax and sawdust. It’s also easy to handle because of its small size. This product is especially for those who don’t like lighter fluid or electric torches.

It is small, so using 2-3 at once works better. But it also depends on how much wood you have, some owners had to use 6 at a time to light up the fire.

But some of the owners are getting problems while using it. They had to use more starters to start a fire. It’s mostly because of the amount of wood they use because Melt Candle Fire Starters are smaller in size.


  • Key Features: No chemical, Oderless
  • Burning Time: Upto 10 minutes
  • Product Dimensions: 10.2 x 7.36 x 5.94 inches
  • Material: Blend of recycled wood, and stearin wax with no added chemicals
  • Ability: Waterproof
  • Difficulty: Easy and Quick

I like it because it is a natural fire starter. It consists of a blend of recycled wood, and stearin wax with no added chemicals. That makes them one of the cleanest and most eco-friendly ways to get a fire going.

But a bad thing about these fire starters is they are small in size. You need about 4-5 of them to just get started. That makes it a bit more pricey.

If you have a large group with you then keep in mind that many owners have this problem that they are much smaller than expected. So keep that thing also in mind.

All Natural Fire Starters

  • Burning Time: 10-15 minutes
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 8 inches
  • Material: Natural wood shavings and food-grade wax.
  • Ability: Waterproof
  • Difficulty: Easy and Quick

It’s a long-lasting product. Most of the owners have bought it many times and I also love this fire starter. It’s a bit pricey but works well.

You can use it for a camping bonfire, picnic, or barbecue party. It does not take up much space and does not need special storage. Resealable plastic bag for easy transportation.

Also, this starter is not for those who are with their family with a lot of members. Because these starters are small in size and many owners have issues, they had to use multiple starters to start the fire.

Thought these would help skip the kindling and paper start in my wood-burning stove, but not really. I had to use 2-3 of these for each fire started. Sticks and paper are cheaper and took the same amount of time for a fire to start.

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Metal Tongs

Grill Tongs 17 Inch Extra Long Kitchen Tongs

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Length: 17 Inch Extra Long
  • Heat Resistance: Upto 480°F
  • Design: Lock Ring Design
  • Weight: 191 grams

This is brushed stainless steel. Which makes it perfect for grilling, cooking, or serving food. But some of the owners reported that it’s a little flimsy so be careful while using it.

It’s 16 inches long without a lock ring. It’s 17 inches long with a lock ring included. 

Heat Resistance is also an important part of tongs. If the heat resistance is low it will create too many problems for you, like the metal will bend if you use it. But for this product heat resistance is good up to 480°F. So it will not create any problems for you while cooking.

Space is one of the key factors while camping. And a product which is easy to store is best. The lock ring design is made to store it anywhere you want easily. It is also used for closing the tong.

It’s a lightweight product only 191 grams, and because of that, the user experience will be unique.

BBQ Tongs for Grilling

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Length: 17 Inch
  • Heat Resistancy: Good!
  • Design: Ring Lock Design
  • Weight: 189 grams

It’s made up of stainless steel, so you can submerge them in boiling water or oil with no problems. 

It’s a giant tong. You can use it without any fear of burning. But still, be careful you might burn because of your own mistakes. 

Most of the owners reported that it has good heat resistance. They faced no problem while using it in BBQ, grilling, etc. 

Its ring lock design is good but some of the owners had problems with it while using it. They got also have problems with silicone. They had to pull out threads from the silicone.

It’s a lightweight product. Easy to use, the experience will be unique.

The rubber pads on the handle started to come off on first use, on both pairs. I cook professionally and competitively. They couldn’t handle the truth. But they are good for the money.

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Spatula Spoon

Rubbermaid Heavy-Duty Spatula

  • Material: Plastic
  • Heat Resistance: 500°F
  • Length: 16.5 Inch
  • NSF Rated

This is made up of blades that are stain resistant and will not damage your grill or cookware while using it. And its design is made with user safety in mind. And this spatula is affordable for all that’s the best thing about it.

The heat resistance is good and you’ll be able to use it on grills and other hot stuff. No issue will happen while using it on hot cookware.

It’s a large spatula. The benefit of it is you will not have to get too much close to the cookware. That way it will protect you from burning your hand. And this Spatula also won America’s test kitchen review. 

The thing to keep in mind is that this spatula is large and it’s not good for small containers.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the handle is thicker in the middle. And tapers more to a point at the end on the far side of the spatula’s head. I don’t understand the benefit of that. And it indicates that you’re not supposed to use the end told it with. That makes the links of the handle even less understandable.

MIU Fish Spatula Stainless Steel

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Heat Resistance: The handle is not heat resistant but the steel part is
  • Length: 13 Inch

It’s made up of stainless steel, so you can use it inside the oil or hot boiling water it will not get damaged. It’s a bit expensive but more durable. But if you’re a cost cuter then it’s not for you.

The metal is fully heat resistant but the handle is not heat resistant. Some of the owners reported that the handle melted down because of heat. So keep it in mind and use it safely so that the handle doesn’t melt down.

The length is okay not too big not too short. But its length makes it easy to use. Some of the owners reported the size is good enough! But it depends on you how you use it. 

Mine came with a very sharp edge ground along the front edge. So sharp that it gouged deep into the surface of my aluminum pan. It even produced little curls of aluminum strips, like you’d see coming from a wood plane. After trashing that meal, I used a file to round off the sharp front edge.

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Heat Resistant Gloves

Comsmart BBQ Gloves

  • Outer Material: Polyester, Cotton & Aramid Fiber
  • Fill Material: Polyester, Cotton & Aramid Fiber
  • Heat Resistant: 1472°F
  • Fitting: Suitable for most hands
  • Sleeve Length: 7.598
  • Not Suitable for: Protection against hot liquids or hot gas

These gloves are made up of ultra-high strength aramid fiber for excellent thermal protection, strength, and durability. It Provides ultra protection against heat up to extreme 1472℉!

It’s really good heat resistant. And the best thing about this product is it’s suitable for almost every hand.

The issue is the glove material will absorb/wick any liquid (be that grease, water, oil, sauce, etc.) it comes in contact with. While you can wash them the problem is the absorbent quality means any hot liquid is still getting through to your hands and can lead to potential burns. These are not flame resistant at all, so do not expect them to protect you with handling anything but dry hot pans/handles.


  • Outer Material: Silicone
  • Fill Material: Cotton 
  • Heat Resistance: 104℉ to 446℉
  • Fitting: Suitable for most hands
  • Sleeve Length: 14 Inches

This glove has an outer silicone glove. And an inner heat-resistant cotton layer. With comfortable and moisture-wicking. That maximizes your heat protection from grill and oven temperatures.

If you’re looking for grilling gloves that are both long-lasting and heat-resistant then these gloves are best for you. After owning them for over a year, I can confidently recommend these gloves and attest to their durability and heat resistance.

Loveuing Kitchen Oven Gloves

  • Outer Material: Silicone
  • Fill Material: Cotton 
  • Heat Resistance: -40 to 425 °F
  • Fitting: Suitable for most hands
  • Sleeve Length: 11.46 Inches

They used silicone in the outer portion and cotton in the inner part. The outer silicone makes it heat and water-resistant, with heat resistance up to 425 °F. The inner cotton material provides you with comfort.

It’s good in size but some of the owners had problems with the size. Even for females, it was an issue that it doesn’t fit in their hands. According to that owner, these are comfortable for those who have hand sizes below an average hand.

Cast Iron Pan

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet with Red Silicone Hot Handle Holder

  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Capacity: 4.29 Pounds
  • Special Feature: Induction Stovetop Compatible

The Lodge Cast Iron Skillet is pre-seasoned. By seasoning your pan you can protect it from rust. Seasoning also creates a non-stick surface. If you want your pan to last longer then seasoning is an important step to do, and you get this thing already done in this product. But this product is not dishwasher safe, so keep that thing in mind.

Some cons for this product: It’s heavy. The handle of this pan is short and gets super hot. It will create difficulty for a small-wristed person with no upper body strength. 

But, otherwise, I would recommend this for someone who doesn’t mind the weight and is looking for durable, Versatile, non-stick cookware for a relatively cheap price and who doesn’t mind heating and oiling these after use.


MyLifeUNIT Camping Pot Cookware

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Capacity: 4.73 Liters
  • Type: Non-Stick
  • Weight: 1.55 Pounds
  • Heat Resistance: 400℉

This product is made up of strong and durable aluminum, which gives it a classic, and compact shape. And it is lightweight and easy to use.

And the heat resistance is good for a campfire. It will perform well and will not create any issues for you. 

The surface is non-stick, so the fear of food sticking to the pot will not happen. And the handle of the pot is stainless steel which is another advantage for you.

But an owner had a problem with its lid. He said that the lid was slightly domed. Instead, it is slightly dished which prevents my teapot from nesting in there. This thing ruined his tea.

After all, it’s worth buying because of its pricing and the things that the company provides you.

Camping Grill Grate

REDCAMP Folding Campfire Grill

  • Material: Old rolled steel
  • Weight: 3.2 Pounds
  • Style: Foldable
  • Weight: 1.45kg

This product is a practical campfire grill, that makes it easy to cook a hot meal with this portable folding outdoor grill. It is designed for use with outdoor cookware, frying pans, skillets, and pots, for cooking over an open fire. But it’s not suitable for a direct contact grill.

The material is a heavy-duty material that makes it durable, but some of the owners had a problem with durability and steel quality.

Used multiple times a day on many camping trips and still holding up. Don’t leave it on the fire too long, place it where you need it, cook on it, and take it off or it will start to warp. Seems to straighten back out once it cools but don’t press your luck and it should last. It’s lightweight and easy to pack, great for grilling for 2-3 people. Also great for using cast iron skillets etc. to cook on over open flames. 

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Guide To Buying Campfire Cooking Tools

Lighting the fire

It is important to have tools to light up your fire. Without fire, you can’t cook on a campfire and for beginners, it will be hard to cook on a campfire. You can make it easy by using fire lighting tools.

Cooking Appliances

Cooking Appliances are essential for your cooking. And It’s also important to have the best appliances with you, so it will be easy for you to cook.

Clean up equipment

After cooking and eating it’s important to clean your appliances. It is important because it keeps you healthy and your equipment lasts longer.

Food Storage Tools

Food storage is based on your choice. If you have leftovers or have cooked so much food then you’ll need food storage items to store that food. It will make sure that you will not waste any kind of food. 

Our Verdict

There are several problems while picking good campfire cooking tools for yourself. And we have tried our best to provide you with the best products possible.

You always need a durable product for campfire cooking.

Everyone’s need is different. But according to my research:

Fire Starter: Melt Candle Company Fire Starter

Metal Tong: Grill Tongs 17 Inch Extra Long Kitchen Tongs

Spatula Spoon: MIU Fish Spatula Stainless Steel

Heat Resistant Glove: GEEKHOM BBQ Gloves

Cast Iron Pan: Lodge Cast Iron Skillet with Red Silicone Hot Handle Holder

Pot: MyLifeUNIT Camping Pot Cookware

Camping Grill Grate: REDCAMP Folding Campfire Grill

Are the best!


Essential Equipments

1. Fire Starters
2. Lighter
3. Metal Tong
4. Spatula Spoon
5. Heat Resistant Glove
6. Cast Iron Pan
7. Pot
8. Camping Grill Grate

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